Featuring 30 live action and animated music videos, the words are inside the yellow and white DVD case.

Songs Edit

  1. Buffalo Gal (Cartoon)
  2. Ain't Gonna Jump (Cartoon)
  3. Apples and Bananas (Cartoon)
  4. Bingo (Live Action Silly Song by Cedarmont)
  5. Reuben and Rachel (Live action, from Wee Sing Musical Mansion)
  6. Swanee River (Cartoon)
  7. All Through the Night (Cartoon)
  8. School Days (Live Action Song of America)
  9. Cuddle Doon (Cartoon)
  10. Flying Trapeze (Cartoon)
  11. Lavender Blue (Live-action and animated, from So Dear To My Heart)
  12. Dingdong Bell (Cartoon)
  13. Alouette (Cartoon)
  14. Curly Locks (Cartoon)
  15. Over the River (Live Action Christmas Song from Cedarmont)
  16. Hey Ho (Cartoon)
  17. John Jacob (Live Action Silly Song)
  18. Had a Cat (Live Action Preschool Song from Cedarmont)
  19. Come Follow Me (Cartoon)
  20. Hen Hen (Cartoon)
  21. Hail Hail (Cartoon)
  22. Bingo (Cartoon)
  23. The Zoo is Fun (Cartoon)
  24. Turkey in the Straw (Cartoon)
  25. One Man Went (Cartoon)
  26. O Susanna (Cartoon)
  27. Polly Put the Kettle (Live Action Preschool Tune)
  28. Bobby Shafto (Cartoon)
  29. A Cowboy's Dream (Cartoon)
  30. Polly Wolly (Live Action, Cedarmont Silly Songs)

Description Edit

Kids rule! Why not give your kids the gift of song with this collection of thirty funny favorites? Featuring real kids and cartoons, this movie will be a crowdpleaser in no time at all!