This is a pink DVD featuring 25 animated and live action music videos for kids 1 and up. Lyrics in the booklet with accompanying CD. Each DVD/CD set is value priced at $15.

Cartoon in BOLD, live action ITALIC and hybrid (liveaction and animation) UNDERLINE.

Songs Edit

  1. Daisy Daisy
  2. Down in the Valley (cartoon)
  3. Early One Morning
  4. Ba Be Bi Bo Bu
  5. I've Been Working on The Railroad
  6. A Peanut Sat
  7. Home on the Range
  8. Over in the Meadow
  9. Home Sweet Home
  10. Elizabeth, Elspeth, Betsy and Bess
  11. Billy Boy
  12. Bye Baby Bunting
  13. Clementine
  14. Man in the Moon
  15. Song of Sixpence
  16. Grandpa's Clock
  17. Old King Cole
  18. Reuben and Rachel
  19. Big Rock Candy Mountain
  20. Old Smokey
  21. The Mermaid
  22. Hole in the Bucket
  23. Down by the Station
  24. Bluebird
  25. It Isn't Any Trouble Just To S-M-I-L-E

Credits (according to Edit

Frank Welker as Octavious

Tabitha Germain as Tessa

Nika Futterman as Chrissy

Cree Summer as Ginger

Kath Soucie as Eli

Tress MacNeille as Matt

Elizabeth Daily as Mikey

Tara Strong as Queenie

Dan Castanella as Timothy (the "Dad" to the Funky Bunch kids)

All Cartoons Animated by Atomic Cartoons of Vancouver, BC, Canada and Magnetic Dreams of Nashville, Tennessee

Description Edit

Remember these childhood songs? If you do, you will love Memorable Melodies Just-4-Kidz. Featuring timeless tunes and onscreen words, everyone will sing along in no time, courtesy of our animated song leaders!

From the SMASH HIT YouTube Channel and other music video classics!