"This blonde haired belle always has her biggest grin on!"

Tessa is an animated songleader from Funky Bunch Videos. She talks to the viewers when greeting, parting and going behind the scenes.

Looks Edit

Tessa has blonde hair in 2 ponytails (a flip with a pink bow in later episodes), a red dress with yellow dots (later a green dress with purple, pink, red and yellow hearts on it), and she has mint green eyes and light skin.

Voice Edit

To voice Tessa, Tabitha used the same as Luvli from Moshi Monsters, The Movie.

Facts Edit

  • Her pal is Queenie.
  • Her dad is Timothy.
  • Her pet dog is a sheepdog named Bingo.
  • She has too many favorite songs to list!
  • She lives on Looby Loo Lane with her family.