They are included on the Funky Bunch's many DVDs.

  1. Wheels on a Bus

2. This Old Man

3. Happy and You Know

4. Baby Bumblebee (feat. Addy Davis)

5. Bingo

6. Hole in a Bucket (Feat. Asher and Cara)

7. Had a Cat

8. Farmer in the Den

9. Old McDonald

10. ABCs (feat. Marty)

11. The Itsy Bitsy Spider

12. Jack and Jill

13. Polly Put The Kettle

14. Mary Had a Little Lamb

15. Muffin Man

16. Yankee Doodle

17. Coming Round the Mountain

18. Animal Faire

19. Bike for 2

20. Web Footed Friends

21. John Jacob

22. Polly Put The Kettle

23. Dry Bones (O How They Scare)

24. Home on the Range

25. Working on a Railroad

26. Reuben Reuben

27. Do Your Ears Hang

Fact Edit

The live action music videos all come from Cedarmont and Wee Sing.